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The TLA Varsity Team - The main team of the TLA, this team competes in drill competitions and rides exhibitions side saddle.

The TLA Junior Team - this team will consist of young riders up to the age of 18. This team will be able to compete in drill competitions, and riders can also try out to be on the Varsity Team as well. The Junior drill team will be astride.

The TLA LIT team (Ladies In Training) for our new riders to start learning drill and about the TLA without the challenge of riding side saddle. This team is also a good spot to put in those younger horses that are not quit ready for doing drill side saddle. This team will be able to attend competitions along side the varsity TLA team.

We host annual side saddle clinics to help our aspiring riders master the art of side saddle.

This is an exciting team to be a part of! Join today and find out how much fun it is to ride drill with the Texas Ladies Aside, the official Equestrian drill team of Texas

Email for more information, or stop on by during one of our practices